Fusion Technology

Impulse Coatings for Application in Reactor Unprotected Surfaces (ICARUS)

Hybrid Illinois Device for Research and Applications (HIDRA)

Materials Attacked by Lithium Corrosion Experiment (MALICE)

Materials Characterization and Analysis Test Stand (MCATS)

Spinning Lithium Attacking Potential Substrates (SLAPS)

Actively Pumped Open-surface Lithium Loop (APOLLO)

Solid-Liquid Lithium Divertor Experiment (SLIDE)

Compact Liquid Lithium Neutron Source (COLLINS)

Hydrogen Desorption Experiment (HYDE)

Tungsten Fuzz by Helicon (TUFCON)

Mock Entry Module (MEME)

Alloys of Eutectic Lithium (ALE)






General Fusion

Tokamok Energy