Liquid Metal Infused Trenches (LiMIT) in a SLiDE Lithium Loop

April 1, 2024

The Solid/Liquid Divertor Experiment (SLiDE) chamber is used to expose divertor concepts to fusion relevant heat fluxes to test their viability.

•Solid/Liquid Divertor Experiment (SLiDE) chamber to test divertor concepts under representative heat fluxes.

•SLiDE generates a E-beam or a ECR plasma.

•Focuses on liquid metal divertor concepts.

•Loop allows liquid metal flow for extended periods without substantial contamination build-up. 

•Lithium engineering and de-risking is additional goal for Li loop construction and operation.

•Modular Li loop allows components to be added or removed as needed for testing, cleaning or any planned upgrades/modifications.