NPRE 101

Introduction to Energy Sources
Explains energy technologies using an elementary approach which pre-supposes no prior scientific or technical background. Examines all energy sources including fossil fueled, solar, hydro and nuclear power. Demonstrations and a tour of the University’s power plant are integral parts of the course. Energy related incidents are discussed as well, their environmental, economic, and social impact.

NPRE 423

Plasma Laboratory
Laboratory experiments relating to plasma engineering and fusion energy will be conducted in small groups . Topics in ultra-high vacuum technology rf and dc electric plasma probes, measurements of dc and pulsed magnetic fields, dynamics of a theta pinch, and laser interferometry to measure plasma density, may all be included.

NPRE 429

Plasma Engineering
Course covers the basic principles and examples for adapting and applying the plasma state to solve a number of modern engineering problems. These include the plasma processing of materials for microelectronics and other uses, lighting, plasma displays, and other technologies.