CPMI Presents at AVS – October 17-22

October 6, 2010
The 57th International AVS Symposium and Exhibition is being held on October 17-22, 2010 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
CPMI is giving the following presentations (Click title to view abstracts):
 Characterization and Applications of Three Different Configured Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sources   Z. Ouyang, V. Surla, S. Jung, M.J. Neumann, D.N. Ruzic
  Low-Temperature Deposition of Transparent Conducting Oxides on Plastic Substrates  E. Ritz, M. Neumann, D.N. Ruzic, L. Meng (University of Illinois), T. Dockstader (Kurt J. Lesker Company)
 Improving the Quality of PVD Cu Seed Layer for Interconnect Metallization A. Dulkin, E. Ko, L. Wu, I. Karim, K. Lesser, K.J. Park (Novellus Systems, Inc.) L. Meng, D.N. Ruzic (University of Illinois) 


Plasma Study in Modulated Pulse Power (MPP) Magnetron Sputtering with Different Magnetron Configuration  D.N. Ruzic, L. Meng, S. Jung, M.J. Neumann