SLiDE results accepted in Physical Review Letters

February 12, 2010

The manuscript, “Thermoelectric magnetohydrodynamic stirring of liquid metals” by M.A. Jaworski, et al. has been accepted for publication in Physical Review Letters.  The manuscript details the direct observation of TEMHD driven flows and a quantitative theory describing the system.  The manuscript is proceeding through the production process.  The abstract is below.


Here is the abstract:

The direct observation of a thermoelectric magnetohydrodynamic (TEMHD) flow has been achieved and is reported here.  The origin of the flow is identified based on a series of qualitative tests and corresponds, quantitatively, with a swirling flow TEMHD model.  A theory for determining the dominant driver of a free-surface flow, TEMHD or thermocapillary (TC), is found to be consistent with the experimental results.  The use of the analytical form for an open geometry develops a new dimensionless parameter describing the ratio of TEMHD to TC generated flows.