December 2020 with CPMI

January 8, 2021

The works to finish the writing of the invited review paper (to be published in Physics of Plasmas) based on the tutorial invited talk given by Professor Ruzic at APS-DPP were carried out.  Important meetings were celebrated with the two fusion companies collaborating with CPMI. The results from the 2nd and 3rd round of the dynamic exposure to lithium were presented to the company, showing the effects induced in the mechanical properties (tensile stress) and the surface interaction of the selected materials. with the liquid metal of the selected. With TE, the meeting was very fruitful in detailing how to assess the main concerns exposed by the engineering responsibilities of the company, being related to different questions such as: velocity measurements, surface tension and stability, material compatibility, poloidal magnetic field effects and TEMHD driving. The discussion resulted in plans for the best way to continue with the research in order to minimize risks and solve any possible technical/engineering question throughout the project development. Regarding the plasma processing side of the Lab, scientists from Lyten were widely visiting our center to advance in the works being performed on ECAP/laser under their mutual research contract