Former Grad Student Phi Nguyen – New Intel VP

April 4, 2012

Phi Nyugen, a former CPMI gradaute student has recently been named the new Vice President of the Tecnology and Manufacturing Group at Intel.

Nguyen is responsible for the process development, equipment development, fabrication operations and transfer of next-generation novel materials and process technologies that will produce future Intel microprocessors. Nguyen also manages the development, training, integration and coaching of engineering staff at Portland Technology Development.

Nguyen joined Intel in 1990 as a process engineer in the Portland Technology Development group. Since then, he has held various technical and management positions within the group and contributed to the development, transfer and ramp-up of the most recent logic technologies. He has since managed the development, transfer and ramp-up of novel materials and far back-end modules for Intel’s 22-nanometer logic technology.