Job Opportunities

  • Postdoctoral search now OPEN!The Center for Plasma Material interactions (CPMI) at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign is looking to fill in a position at the post-doctoral research associate level, who will work on research areas relevant to plasma material interactions for several applications.The Center for Plasma-Material Interactions currently has 12 graduate students, and over 20 undergraduate researchers. The primary emphasis is experimental and computational study of plasma relating to the manufacturing of semiconductor devices(plasma-based lithography, plasma etching, PVD sputtering, PECVD thin-films) and the edge-region of future fusion energy devices (lithium walls, lithium technology, edge localized modes, mixed material sputtering at elevated temperature). In addition, CPMI is also a part of the “NSF I/UCRC center for Lasers and Plasmas for Advanced Manufacturing” and has many new opportunities for research projects, particularly in the field of atmospheric pressure plasmas.This particular position will work in the field of atmospheric pressure plasmas for material modification/coatings. CPMI currently has a total of 13 major experimental systems and is expected to grow as we take on new projects. The hired post-doc is expected to closely work with Prof. David Ruzic in managing research activities in the lab and conduct experiments while assisting students with research. More information can be found at PostDoc Illinois Ruzic 2017